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Our workshops are short-term training programs designed to improve your French in an engaging manner. Our recent workshops have been "Venez apprendre à bien manger" (come learn to eat well) and "Venez apprendre à jardiner" (come learn to garden). The former was designed to improve your diet and cooking skills by teaching about healthy meal options and the latter was designed to teach you the basics of gardening so you can build, maintain, and harvest your own garden. 

There may be a small charge for some of our workshops. To view our upcoming workshops, you can find them listed here and on our calendar as well as on our Facebook page. If you have any ideas for a workshop, please let us know.

Venez apprendre à bien manger

               Do you want to learn how to eat healthy or prepare simple and easy meals? Our nutrition and foods class is you. We will take you through a six-week workshop where half the time will be teaching about nutrition and the other half is practical teaching in the kitchen. Learn about Canada’s food guide, how to read and understand nutrition labels. We will take you through how to plan and make healthy, well balanced meals. Each week we will explore a food group and prepare foods based on that food group. You will have at least 3 recipes each week that you can take home and add to your cookbook. You will be partnered up to make the dishes and then we will share them at the end of class so everyone can try the recipes to know if they like them or not. The last class is our special dinner where we plan out an entire meal with separate courses. Everyone helps to prepare the meal and we all enjoy the feast together as a conclusion to the workshop. Sometimes we do a themed meal such as French-Canadian cuisine.


“I loved this course. It was very informative. We looked at healthy eating as a whole, how to make small changes to your diet rather than changing your whole regime and going on some crazy diet. I also loved the cooking portion. I got to learn how to make new and interesting dishes with the others in the workshop and we were always laughing and helping each other. It was a very fun experience and I still use a bunch of the recipes at home, not only are they healthy and easy to prepare they are also delicious.” - Nicole