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The Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate or General Educational Development (GED) is a program of study for adults who have not completed high school. The GED certificate shows that you have high school-level knowledge and skills, without having completed a formal secondary school program. To obtain the Equivalency Certificate for Grade 12, you must pass tests in the following subjects:

  • French; writing

  • French language; reading (poetry, drama, fiction, prose)

  • Social sciences (history, geography, citizenship, economy)

  • Science (biology, health, geology, earth sciences, chemistry, physics)

  • Mathematics

At the end of the program, you will have to take the GED tests and if successful, you will obtain an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate signed by the Ministry of Education. You will need a score of 450 out of 800 on each of the five tests to receive the GED certificate. 

The questions are multiple choice, with the exception of the French; writing subject where you must write a short text.

It should be noted that CÉFA does not offer the tests. The Independent Learning Center offers GED testing in locations across Ontario. The registration fee is $100.00. For all the details, visit the following site: https://ilc.tvo.org/en-ca/GED/home 

CÉFA provides the information needed to pass and register for GED tests. CÉFA also provides program information, the GED preparation manual and instructors to guide learners by explaining misunderstood concepts, giving and correcting exercises. Additionally, CÉFA provides exam simulation sessions that adequately prepares you to pass exams and encourage you to persevere in your efforts.

A student who passes the GED tests receives a high school equivalency certificate from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Passing the GED tests allows you to apply to colleges and universities. Allows you to enter an apprenticeship program. Qualify for employment and possibly gain a promotion within your organization. 

Entrance criteria

  1. Be 18 years old and over

  2. Reside in Ontario

  3. Have French as a first language or have chosen French as a common and working language when arriving in Canada

  4. Have left school for at least a year

  5. Has not completed high school


There are workshops at CÉFA where the instructor accompanies you in your progress, ensures that your work method allows for progress, verifies that the concepts are understood and learned, that you are ready to take the exams, everything is available at CÉFA.

The tests are run by the Independent Learning Center, an agency mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Tests are done in Ottawa, Belleville, Brockville or Toronto.